About Me

Hey everyone, welcome to Cardboard Vault! I'm Phoebe Wild, and for the last two years I've been producing board game reviews, previews and interviews.

I've been playing games my entire life, and I was inspired to create Cardboard Vault so that I could share my passion and opinions with other people. I want to help everyone find games that they'll love playing, and to introduce new players to the hobby.

Review Policy

Reviews are only helpful if you can trust the reviewer, so I will always make sure that any review that I produce will contain my complete and honest opinion about the game. Here's my full disclosure about how I review games, and how I manage potential conflicts of interest.

Full Disclosure:

  • If I ever feel like my opinion of a game would be biased for any reason, I won't produce a review.
  • I am currently working part-time for Bézier Games, and will not produce any reviews of their products while I am employed by them.
  • If I am employed by any other publisher, I will declare it here and will not produce any reviews of their products.
  • I often receive review copies of games from publishers, but this will not influence my opinion of the game and I will always disclose it in my review. I never accept money or other compensation from publishers in exchange for coverage of their games.
  • I am often approached with requests to review games that are going to be crowdfunded through sites like Kickstarter. In these cases, I read about the game and only accept if I think it is a game I might enjoy. However, I always reserve the right to publish a negative review.

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