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Pack O Game SET 2 fits in your pocket, and packs a punch

Looking for fantastic games that can literally fit in your pocket? Last year designer Chris Handy and publisher Perplext released Pack O Game, a set of 8 games with only 30 cards each that fit into a box the size of a pack of gum.

Pack O Game SET 2 is now on Kickstarter with four brand new games in the same line: GYM, RUM, SOW and ORC.

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Play through history in Wir Sind Das Volk!

Wir Sind Das Volk! (or We Are The People!) is a 2 player game by German publisher Histogame, and designed by Richard Sivél and Peer Sylvester. The game was released at Essen SPIEL last year.

This is a highly strategic economic game that recreates the history of Germany post-WWII beginning in 1949, when the country was divided into East and West. One player will control East Germany while the other controls West, and each will struggle to help their system flourish - or at least to remain intact.

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Never Had a Game Like Me: A review of Tales of the Arabian Nights

Tales of the Arabian Nights is a game for 1-6 players, by designer Eric Goldberg and published by Z-Man Games. This is a storytelling game based on the classic collection of tales and folk stories by the same name.

Players take on the role of a legendary character such as Aladdin or Sindbad, and travel the lands encountering people, monsters and disaster, while seeking their wealth and fame. Your fate in the game depends on how you react to each obstacle.

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