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Make Peace, Not Chess: The philosophy and design behind Paco Ŝako

Chess is an iconic tabletop game, a game of pure strategy and planning that pits two players against each other on a battlefield with nothing but their wits to save them. It's difficult to imagine how you could improve upon the classic game, but designer Felix Albers set out to do exactly that with Paco Ŝako.

We interviewed Felix about his inspiration for Paco Ŝako, as well as his design process!

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Colors of Kasane Review

Colors of Kasane is a Japon Brand game designed by Hinata Origuchi that was available at Essen this year. I wasn't able to attend, but a very generous person offered to pick up my preorder and post it to me.

I played it for the first time last night, and while I'll wait for a few more plays before I make a full review I'd like to offer a look at the game and my first thoughts on how it plays.

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