the team

Here to find out more about the people behind Cardboard Vault? Read on for all the random trivia you didn't know you wanted!

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Phoebe Wild

Phoebe founded Cardboard Vault in 2014 to spread her love for everything tabletop. As an avid gamer for 15 years, she’s passionate about welcoming new players into the hobby by helping them find games they'll love, and creating an inclusive community. 

She loves all kinds of games from Codenames to Lisboa, but is particularly interested in those that try to create a unique experience or tell stories that haven't been explored yet in non-digital games.  

For her day job, she works for Bézier Games as a social media manager, marketer, and a game (co)-developer.

When she isn't moving wooden pieces around, Phoebe spends her time sewing dresses, drinking excessive amounts of tea, and searching under rocks to find that 900th Korok.



Mark harris

Mark joined Cardboard Vault in 2017, thrown head-first into the tabletop world when he met Phoebe! By day a filmmaker, producer, and assistant director, he writes and produces videos for Cardboard Vault.

A video gamer and new media content creator, Mark has a big interest in game storytelling and cross-media analogue experiences. With his history in film festival management, he loves community engagement and promoting both film and tabletop to the broader world.

When he isn't complaining about a lack of companion apps, Mark can usually be found tweeting, listening to musical soundtracks, and internally debating whether he should rewatch Arrested Development for the 9th time.